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Pickup Information

Campus Pickup

We offer pickup options for each of our campuses.


Dublin Pickup: Available in your campus office ~ 1 week after ordering

Indianola Pickup: Available in your campus office ~ 1 week after ordering

Polaris Pickup: Available in your campus office ~ 1 week after ordering

Northridge Pickup: Available in our lifestyle lockers (see below).



Northridge Pickup may be picked up at our lifestyle lockers.

Located by the vending machines at our Northridge Campus, lifestyle lockers are easily accessible before, during and after school.

Once your order is ready, you will receive an email or text message containing your locker number and access code. Simply enter the code on the appropriate locker and your items will be there waiting for you.

For questions please email:

Step-by-step Instructions:

Lockers are located next to the vending machines at the Northridge Campus

The lifestyle lockers are available during all school hours and events where the athletic foyer is accessible. 

Enter your 4 digit code

Your pickup code was sent to you via email or text message.

Note: Your code is only valid for one locker entry.

Turn lock to open locker

You may turn the lock to the left to to the right

Confirm your order number

Double check that the order number and contents of the locker match your order.

Close locker when finished

Shut locker and return lock to the closed position. The locker will remain unlocked.